Carnival Dream

Carnival Dream

Carnival Dream

At 130,000 gross tons, the Carnival Dream is one of the largest and newest of the Carnival fleet. It offers all the amenities of a luxury cruise ship, and much more. Relax at one of the pools, in the Serenity area – treat yourself to a massage at the Cloud 9 Spa area and visit the treasures of the Eastern and Western Caribbean – a relaxation area for adults only. The ship is registrtiert in Panama.

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  1. They will refuse you alocohol, they activities for all ages , it also depends where the cruise is going , there are a lot of fun stuff you can do outside beside going to the beach.If you are goino Alaska you can go to the Red Dog Saloon: it is an awesome restaurant where they serve a 12 inches in diameter burger.Carribbean: bahamas ,lots of jewelry , the Atlantis Hotel, the parade of flamingos.Saint Martin: high quality jewelry at a low low price ,you can rent a moped for the day it is only $ 50,watersportsBarbados : submarine trip or Harrisson CavesVancouver: brighton street , lots of clothing stores for every taste,

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