Royal Caribbean’s new Quantum of the Seas to offer 300ft panoramic view trough the jewel-shaped, glass capsule North Star

The North Star: The observation capsule

The bubble-like structure, which was inspired by the London Eye, will feature on brand new ship Quantum of the Seas and will give those brave enough to be hoisted high above the ocean incredible 360-degree views.

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How do you spend your vacation from Port Canaveral?

Carnival ImaginationHow do you spend your vacation? Going to the seaside? Every year? If you want to be close to the sea but in a different way or just want to explore it more closely and in the meantime have fun I can tell you how – cruising! This is a way for you and your friends and family, together, to have an amazing holiday! Whether you would like to relax in the spa, sunbathe, dance or whatever you think about you will love this way of spending the holiday. One place to start this adventure – Port Canaveral, one way to spend it – one of the Carnival Cruise ships!

The atrium is the place where all the adventures begin – it is the heart of any Carnival ship. There you will find the answers of any question you have, there you can plan what to do at the shore excursion desk no matter what time it is, no matter if it is day or night.

There are plenty of places to visit inside the ship. Like the art gallery – for example. A great collection of fine art is awaiting for you to see it and why not buy some – many of the paintings are available to buy during the art auctions.

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Relaxing Carnival

Do you have the desire to escape from the loud everyday life and relax a little or take a moment (or more) in serenity? If you feel that the best way to feel completely tranquil is near the ocean the perfect way for your relaxation is the cruise. Carnival Cruise offers you all you need and even more! It is up to you to decide whether you want to have that experience with your family, friends or just yourself! And if you feel like the relaxation is a bit more than expecting there is no way that you feel bored with all the ways you can have fun on the cruise ship.

The place where all your dreams start coming true and where all the adventures begin is the atrium – the heart of any Carnival ship. It is the place where you will find the answers to all your questions and where you can plan your trip. No matter the time.

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Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line


If you seek a vacation that will bring you an entertaining and adventurous experience, but in the same time is comforting and convenient – the cruising is just for you! On this kind of adventure you and your family can visit many and different paradise-like destinations in a short period of time, enjoy onboard activities and entertainments! You can easily and comfortably experience all of these and many more on the board of Disney Cruise Line.

The answer to the question why should you choose a Disney Cruise is quite simple – it combines activities for everyone: if you need some time to relax there is place just for you, adults, there is also place where your kids will have marvelous time. For sure there is – it is a Disney Cruise!

There are 4 Disney Cruise Line ships – all of them with an outstanding design, recognizable with the decorative gold swirls across their bows. And now there they are – Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy! Mixing elegance and a pinch of element of fun, they are created especially for families! Now, find out the fabulous delights of sailing to exotic destinations aboard these liners that can even bring you back to the childhood.

Each one of these ships has enough places to keep you entertained until the end of the cruise, no matter if you are an adult or a kind – there are restaurants, nightclubs, shops and recreational facilities that will make this vacation an unforgettable memory.

For kids, and why not for adults, too, there are live-shows, including all of the Disney characters, performing musicals and dancing… Children and adults can meet and greet many of the Disney characters throughout the entire fleet of Disney Cruise Line Ships. There are youth activities aboard the Disney ships, including activity centers – delightfully themed onboard youth clubs, where kids of all ages can play and participate in different activities that gets their attention together with their siblings and friends and why not some new friends, met on the ship! There are 3 pools on the ship – Goofy’s pool, Donald’s pool and of course Mickey’s pool which even features a twisting slide.

For the adults there are many nightclubs and lounges – starting with the 687 – a contemporary sports bar where families can partake in activities and games during the day, and adults can relax with a cocktail at night. Bon Voyage is a cozy space where families can enjoy a refreshing drink or snack throughout the day. Cadillac Lounge, a piano bar that is an intimate spot with a classic Cadillac theme, where adults can enjoy a cocktail, listening to live music.

If you’ve already packed up the suitcases let me tell you where you can start this adventure – right from Port Canaveral, of course!

Let me introduce you Aquatica


Aquatica – Sea Word’s waterpark

Let me introduce you Aquatica – Sea Word’s waterpark! It is situated just 10 minutes south of downtown Orlando and 15 minutes away from Orlando International Airport and offers you plenty of ways for you to have fun! No matter if your idea of having a wonderful time is it to be serene or extreme – you will find the perfect way for entertaining there.

The one thing that only Aquatica, in the U.S., has, or should we say the two things, are the enormous wave pools:  the Cutback Cove and the Big Surf Shores. At Cutback Cove, you have waves rolling all the time, and the action is always high and at Big Surf Shores, the surf can be high or slow and easy. The two separate pools let you decide what kind of wave you feel like catching today.

Slide down the incredible Dolphin Plunge! Rush down the two enclosed tube slides that send you to the underwater world where a playful pod of beautiful black-and-white Commerson’s Dolphins are swimming. They are known for being playful and incredibly fast, you may well see them racing right alongside you as you zoom by.

Experience the all-new water thrill ride Omaka Rocka. Featuring half-pipe funnels and high-speed tubes that will splash and slide riders frontward and backward and even climbing the walls.

Make your way to the island in the center of Tassie’s Twisters and climb to the tower. When you get to the top incredibly fast tubes shoot you into a big big bowl where you will spin, and whirl, and swirl just until you make it to the lazy river.

If you prefer one more serene experience you should take a load off your feet: hop on a leisurely river ride down Loggerhead Lane. I’m sure it will bring you the feeling of luxury and serenity just like that of a limousine ride. This raft ride lets you see the amazing underwater world of the waterpark and meets you with the colorful exotic tropical fishes.

Aquatica also approaches you to sea inhabitants – you can see Commerson’s Dolphins, the star animals at Aquatica, which are known for their distinct markings, and for wanting to have fun all the time! They can race, play or even swim upside down all day! Other inhabitants, the adorable exotic fishes, almost like Ariel’s little friend – Flounder, who is in fact you can easily see in Disney World in Orlando, which is just about 15 miles to Aquatica, are coloring the beautiful lagoon, tucked away inside Aquatica.