Relaxing Carnival

Do you have the desire to escape from the loud everyday life and relax a little or take a moment (or more) in serenity? If you feel that the best way to feel completely tranquil is near the ocean the perfect way for your relaxation is the cruise. Carnival Cruise offers you all you need and even more! It is up to you to decide whether you want to have that experience with your family, friends or just yourself! And if you feel like the relaxation is a bit more than expecting there is no way that you feel bored with all the ways you can have fun on the cruise ship.

The place where all your dreams start coming true and where all the adventures begin is the atrium – the heart of any Carnival ship. It is the place where you will find the answers to all your questions and where you can plan your trip. No matter the time.

If the aim of your vacation is truly relaxation, Serenity – the adult only area is the first place to visit! There you will find everything necessary to make your stay feeling like „getaway within your getaway.” Should you chill in the sun, in the shade of the colorful, big enough umbrellas or in the separate shaded area it is up to you! And also you could dip in the whirlpools from where you can enjoy the view of the great blue sea. And during all these things a mellow music will be playing to keep the vibe serene!

If you want to relax in a place little more distant from the sun the Cloud 9 Spa is your place to go! It is a two-deck spa that features exclusive spa staterooms and also an extensive range of the best quality facilities and treatments in a place that is elegant and makes you feel tranquil just on the first sight. The massages will leave you speechless and you can be soothed with emollients or renewed with defoliants, but the hot stones or even the aromatherapy is what you can’t miss!

Not to mention the yoga and Pilates classes, where you will find your inner peace even before you say “om”! But more info of that when you get there!

And these are just some of the ways to feel the complete serenity on the ship and have an unforgivable getaway. Remember, all this serenity starts from Orlando. And if you aren’t sure how to get there – a town car can will wait you at the airport to transport you to the Port Canaveral!

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