Residents opposed to Port Canaveral’s railroad project

800px-08_tory_railtrack_ubtPort Canaveral Authority has recently approved the design of the new $75 million automotive import/export complex. The port needs to have direct rail service into the area.

The port’s authorities have announced their intention to file a request with the Surface Transportation Board to construct and operate approximately 11 miles of new rail line between Port Canaveral and the Florida East Coast Railway near Titusville, Florida. Continue reading

The New Cruise Terminal One Delayed

800px-Disney_Cruise_Ship_tied_up_at_the_Disney_Terminal,_Port_Canaveral_-_FloridaThe completion and opening of the new cruise terminal at Port Canaveral have been delayed by more than a month, announced the Chief Executive Officer John Walsh. It was reported that the terminal complex is now slated to open December 27. Some cruise lines, originally planning to use the new terminal in November and December, will be forced to shift to other cruise terminals. Continue reading

Florida’s scariest Halloween cruise: 960 passengers evacuated

800px-Kristina_Katarina_lifeboats_2A Halloween cruise turned into a real nightmare-on-sea when the Bahamas Celebration, shortly after leaving Grand Bahamas Island and heading back to Port of Palm Beach, Florida, hit an unidentified object at around 9 p.m. Friday, and the passengers had to be evacuated.

More than 960 passengers were planning to attend the costume contest and the zombie ball on Halloween night. Continue reading