InterPlex Commitment to Our Customers

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a major impact on our daily lives. As we all continue through these unprecedented challenges, we want you to know that InterPlex is here for you during the Covid-19 outbreak. Steps we are taking:

1. Staying up to date with local rules and regulations about lock-downs and curfews.

2. Monitoring our Chauffeurs’ health conditions and screening them on a daily bases.

3. Deep cleaning and Disinfecting vehicles.

4. Providing on-board sanitizers, gloves, and other protective gear.

5. Networking with other small businesses, restaurants, and stores to assist with deliveries.

6. Offering service / donating to health institutions and their patients.

Thank you for being an InterPlex customer and for the trust you place in us every day. We are here to help!

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line


If you seek a vacation that will bring you an entertaining and adventurous experience, but in the same time is comforting and convenient – the cruising is just for you! On this kind of adventure you and your family can visit many and different paradise-like destinations in a short period of time, enjoy onboard activities and entertainments! You can easily and comfortably experience all of these and many more on the board of Disney Cruise Line.

The answer to the question why should you choose a Disney Cruise is quite simple – it combines activities for everyone: if you need some time to relax there is place just for you, adults, there is also place where your kids will have marvelous time. For sure there is – it is a Disney Cruise!

There are 4 Disney Cruise Line ships – all of them with an outstanding design, recognizable with the decorative gold swirls across their bows. And now there they are – Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy! Mixing elegance and a pinch of element of fun, they are created especially for families! Now, find out the fabulous delights of sailing to exotic destinations aboard these liners that can even bring you back to the childhood.

Each one of these ships has enough places to keep you entertained until the end of the cruise, no matter if you are an adult or a kind – there are restaurants, nightclubs, shops and recreational facilities that will make this vacation an unforgettable memory.

For kids, and why not for adults, too, there are live-shows, including all of the Disney characters, performing musicals and dancing… Children and adults can meet and greet many of the Disney characters throughout the entire fleet of Disney Cruise Line Ships. There are youth activities aboard the Disney ships, including activity centers – delightfully themed onboard youth clubs, where kids of all ages can play and participate in different activities that gets their attention together with their siblings and friends and why not some new friends, met on the ship! There are 3 pools on the ship – Goofy’s pool, Donald’s pool and of course Mickey’s pool which even features a twisting slide.

For the adults there are many nightclubs and lounges – starting with the 687 – a contemporary sports bar where families can partake in activities and games during the day, and adults can relax with a cocktail at night. Bon Voyage is a cozy space where families can enjoy a refreshing drink or snack throughout the day. Cadillac Lounge, a piano bar that is an intimate spot with a classic Cadillac theme, where adults can enjoy a cocktail, listening to live music.

If you’ve already packed up the suitcases let me tell you where you can start this adventure – right from Port Canaveral, of course!

It’s not a Draw Bridge – Truck stuck under Port Canaveral Bridge

If you think you had a bad day, think about this driver, who got unexpected lift when his raised bed hit the overpass bridge near Port Canaveral. It took Emergency Personnel few hours to free the truck from under the bridge. The incident caused minor traffic delays for the visitors and cruise Passengers departing Port Canaveral

Truck stuck under the bridge caused minor Traffic