$1.6 Million Security Funding Grant Allocated to Port Canaveral

800px-HHLA_Container_Terminal_Altenwerder_(CTA)_in_Hamburg_-_Winter_2010_-_03A $1, 6 million grant has been allocated to Port Canaveral by the Port Security Grant Program Funding (PSGP) and will be used for a new port-wide cyber security program, software that will integrate the existing security systems and resources into a single unified platform, and new CCTV cameras for the port’s new container terminal. Continue reading

$1, 7 billion from Gulf for Miami cruise line

RichardBransonByDavidShankboneThe British entrepreneur Richard Branson intends to launch a new fleet of Virgin cruise ships. He plans to build two large ships quite from scratch that will start sailing from Port Miami through the Caribbean and the Mediterranean regions. The two new ships will be based at Miami and it would take a while to launch the project because of the ship-building process.

The project is said to be worth $US1.7 billion and the most of the funding has been raised. Continue reading