A Delightful Cruise

Have you ever wanted to escape from the busy, loud life and have a bit of relaxation and tranquility? If you think that the best way to feel the complete serenity is near the ocean your way for relaxation is the cruise. Royal Carribean offers you all you need and even more!

On the board there are plenty of ways to do. If seek total tranquility the Vitality Spa offers you several ways to forget about the stress. Facial treatments, exfoliating body masks, using natural ingredients that cleanse and stimulate your body systems, deep tissue massages,  acupuncture, heated beds, showers, hair or nail services and much more…

There are activities that will keep you fit. As the FlowRider – Royal Carribean are the only one that gives you the opportunity to catch the waves while you are onboard.  You can show yours surfing skills at the 40-foot-long surf simulator, or you can take a private lesson and then show what you have learned! You can also try the rock climbing. No matter if you are beginner or speed climber, you can try the 40-feet wall and enjoy the unbelievable view from there! Even though  you are on a cruise travel that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun on ice – put on the skates that and show some moves on the ice skating rink! If ice skating makes you cold then you can skate at the inline skating track. Or you can have some fun on.. grass! On the mini-golf court the green field will make you overlook the blue sea!

On the board you can also learn very useful things like learning useful phrases, greetings or questions  on different popular languages, take dancing classes – salsa, hip hop, swing – now you rule the dancefloor! Learn how to use your senses to distinguish and savor the complexity of fine wines from cabernets to ports, syrah to chardonnay. Or learn to cook dishes compatible to the wines and how to make surprise romantic dinner for the loved one: learn from best chefs how to turn fresh ingredients into delightful appetizers, main dishes or desserts and get easy and useful tips for your savoury dishes. To complete the romantic  atmosphere for the dinner you should also learn how to fold the napkins in an elegant designs.

You can reach all these enjoyments very easy as the car service drives you just to port canaveral, where the journey begins!