Let me introduce you Aquatica


Aquatica – Sea Word’s waterpark

Let me introduce you Aquatica – Sea Word’s waterpark! It is situated just 10 minutes south of downtown Orlando and 15 minutes away from Orlando International Airport and offers you plenty of ways for you to have fun! No matter if your idea of having a wonderful time is it to be serene or extreme – you will find the perfect way for entertaining there.

The one thing that only Aquatica, in the U.S., has, or should we say the two things, are the enormous wave pools:  the Cutback Cove and the Big Surf Shores. At Cutback Cove, you have waves rolling all the time, and the action is always high and at Big Surf Shores, the surf can be high or slow and easy. The two separate pools let you decide what kind of wave you feel like catching today.

Slide down the incredible Dolphin Plunge! Rush down the two enclosed tube slides that send you to the underwater world where a playful pod of beautiful black-and-white Commerson’s Dolphins are swimming. They are known for being playful and incredibly fast, you may well see them racing right alongside you as you zoom by.

Experience the all-new water thrill ride Omaka Rocka. Featuring half-pipe funnels and high-speed tubes that will splash and slide riders frontward and backward and even climbing the walls.

Make your way to the island in the center of Tassie’s Twisters and climb to the tower. When you get to the top incredibly fast tubes shoot you into a big big bowl where you will spin, and whirl, and swirl just until you make it to the lazy river.

If you prefer one more serene experience you should take a load off your feet: hop on a leisurely river ride down Loggerhead Lane. I’m sure it will bring you the feeling of luxury and serenity just like that of a limousine ride. This raft ride lets you see the amazing underwater world of the waterpark and meets you with the colorful exotic tropical fishes.

Aquatica also approaches you to sea inhabitants – you can see Commerson’s Dolphins, the star animals at Aquatica, which are known for their distinct markings, and for wanting to have fun all the time! They can race, play or even swim upside down all day! Other inhabitants, the adorable exotic fishes, almost like Ariel’s little friend – Flounder, who is in fact you can easily see in Disney World in Orlando, which is just about 15 miles to Aquatica, are coloring the beautiful lagoon, tucked away inside Aquatica.

A Christmas spent on a Sea Park… Why not?


Christmas on a Sea Park

If you seek an adventuring treasured experience, but that is also educating you should visit SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. Not just it is an amazing experience, but the exciting tours connects you to friendly animals. You can attend at the exciting shows just front of the line, enjoy thrilling rides and visit the amazing life of the some incredible sea habitants. Make your friend this amazing gift and this will create memories for a lifetime! In fact it is also not far from the downtown – just 13 miles. Nor from the airport – again 13 miles!

As Christmas approaches I can’t miss starting with the annual Christmas celebration at the park. This year there is an all-new holiday show: “O Wondrous Night – The Greatest Story Never Told”, even told through the eyes of live animals. But Holiday favorites are also being presented. Like Winter Wonderland on Ice – an amazing ice skating show featuring magnificent fireworks and towering water fountains. Or one show that is also back this year is the very popular nighttime holiday show “Shamu Christmas… Miracles”. Speaking of Shamu, let me tell you about Shamu’s Happy Harbor. It is just the sort of place that proves it is the cool time to be a kid. Let the young adventurer in your kids with these fun family rides.

Visiting the Happy Harbor you will meet the following friends’ rides:
Jazzy Jellies: You will feel the fun as soon as you get to the jellyfish-themed ride. When you realize that you’re in control of how fast your teacup-style car can spin, while you are rising to heights of 30 feet.
Net Climb: A fact that everyone knows is that kids love to climb. The Four-story nets link together through a series of slippery slides and winding tunnels. Another fact is that it Is big enough for parents, too!

Ocean Commotion: Feel like on a cruise ship while the high sea waves rock you gently aboard this 19 foot tug boat, rocking back and forth.
Shamu Express: Here Shamu shows the kids a soft spot on that first coaster of theirs, thrilling enough.
The Flying Fiddler: That Fiddler crab can lift you more than 20 feet in the air and then hop down through a quick series of short drops!

As you learned not only the kids, but parents can also enjoy the park and especially the little friend Shamu and his Happy Harbor. You can reach this harbor almost as easily as reaching Port Canaveral from where you can even easily reach the park.