Cruise Ship Itinerary Change Rescues Two Men

A Royal Caribbean cruise ship change of the itinerary in an attempt to avoid bad weather leads to а miracle at sea a few days ago. Its crew rescued two men who were stranded at sea for 20 days between Grand Cayman and Jamaica, a Royal Caribbean representative confirmed.

Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas modified its itinerary due to bad weather and sailed near the original ports of call. The crew spotted a small fishing boat and rescued two Costa Rica fishermen who had ran out of gas 20 days earlier.

The fishermen who had departed from Porta Limon, Costa Rica set their nets and let them soak. This normally takes several hours, so they went to sleep. However, when they woke up, they found that strong winds had blown them far away from where they were a few hours earlier. They used all of their fuel trying to get back and were adrift for 20 days.

They had enough food and water only for seven days. They were able to fish for food but water was the primary issue. By the time they were rescued, one of them could no longer walk and had to be carried onto the cruise ship. The sailors received food, water, and medical attention and once the ship reached Ocho Rios, they went to a local hospital.

There were no injuries reported.