Port Canaveral’s new Cruise Terminal 6

Port Canaveral Terminal-6

Carnival Ecstasy

Canaveral Port Authority had added a $64 million complex that included a New Dock, Terminal and a multilevel Parking Garage conveniently located on the north side of the port right next to Disney Terminal. The new terminal will be catering to Carnival Cruise Line Ships like the Carnival Ecstasy which departs Monday on a five-night Bahamas cruise that returns on Saturday, with stops at Nassau, Freeport and the private Bahamian island of Half Moon Cay. Other Carnival ships based at Port Canaveral and may use this terminal are: The 3,646-passenger Carnival Dream, sailing on seven-day Caribbean cruises departing on Saturdays, and the 2,052-passenger Carnival Sensation, which offers three- and four-day Bahamas cruises departing Sundays and Thursday.

Dream at  Port Canaveral

Carnival Dream – Port Canaveral – Terminal 6


Carnival Dream is also docking at the new Terminal 6 at Port Canaveral

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    • For those frist timers that are pnlnaing a cruise for what ever line you choose. I guarante you’ll have a ball and a Blast fun time. I’m a five time Cruiser on Carnival and never had any problems what so ever. Have a safe fun time when you go.

    • The problem with 3- or 4-day cieusrs, especially on Carnival, is that they tend to be even more party-hearty than the longer Carnival cieusrs, so there may not be as much of a family atmosphere as you might like. But Carnival will the the cheapest cruise you’re likely to find from the West Coast. A summer cruise, especially one with an added attraction such as TV themes, will always be more expensive than a regular cruise. You won’t find much difference in price from one agency to another, because the cruise lines in effect control how much they can be discounted. One agency may offer more perks than another, however.Unless you have cruised before, be sure you work with a travel agent. And you should do some research ahead of time. Your library or bookstore has books on cruising that will give you info on the basics and on the many, many options you’ll need to decide upon.

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    • carnival water works is not a new feature . the same water works r on carnival imagination and carnival inspiration . but to manage such a big ship is a lot of hard work for the crew members best of luck for all the crew members .I’m proud to be an ex- carnival team member .

    • Krystal, Hii!! I’ve been on a blogging break and I wasnt arnuod to give you a big Congrats on the engagement! Yayyy! I’ve been reading blogs on my phone so I’ve been catching up on all your gorgeous vacay pictures, have fun on your cruise!! 🙂

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  4. i had a choice to go on the oasis or cnriaval dream but i heard cnriaval was for a younger crowd which i like. besides the dream is 532$ with everything included while the oasis is 900$ just for the room it self. sooo dream it is lol. plus i heard mixed reviews on the oasis about it being hard to get into certain restaurants, long line because there’s over 6,000 passengers, and you have to pay if you wanna go to the boardwalk. it looks nice but maybe next year if the price goes down alittle

  5. I’ve personally never been on the Holiday, so I can’t commnet on the ship itself. But I do know that there is a 21 age limit for alcohol throughout the Carnival fleet. However, if you’re into it, you only need to be 18 to gamble in the casino.Since you’re going during spring break you can probably expect a lot of people your age. Chances are there will be parties going on. Just meet people, and you’re bound to find others who will party.

  6. Sorry to tell you this, but the Holiday was the worst ship Ive ever weokrd in. Terrible. And Ive weokrd onboard for 10 years.Hopefully the made some renovations, because it was really bad.As for booze, get your cabin steward to get you a bottle from the Duty Free. Tip him and he will do it. On top of the tip they get 20% off the prices, so its a deal.They do it all the time.

  7. Hey, Paul and Marg, it looks like you’re having that time of a lifietme! Are you on the boat long enough to get the staggers during shore leave? I’d love to see some interior shots, or did I miss something? The Sabbatical looks like a lovely sail.I look forward to your progress through Eden in coming weeks!best wishes,Stewart

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