Jet Skiers Rescued Just Before Carnival Magic Runs Over Them

A Port Canaveral harbor pilot and a Brevard County marine unit saved a couple of jet skiers on spring break from a nearly tragic situation late Saturday afternoon.
Two young women from Princeton, West Virginia were enjoying their spring break in Port Canaveral when their vacation nearly turned to a catastrophe.
Skylar Penpasuglia, 19 and Allison Garrett, 20 were operating a jet ski when one of them fell off the craft. They tried to get back on board but accidentally flipped the jet ski over completely.
While attempting to right the jet ski, the wind and current pulled them into the Port channel, directly in the path of the outgoing Carnival ship. Fortunately, they were spotted by Marine United Deputy Taner Primmer, who bravely steered his boat into the path of the vessel and quickly pulled the two vacationers onboard.

Port Canaveral Harbor Pilot Capt. Doug Brown, working with the captain and bridge team of the Carnival Magic, was able to maneuver the ship away from the boaters.
“The quick actions of both Deputy Primmer and Port Canaveral Harbor Pilot Brown, the jet skiers could have been pulled under the vessel causing potentially serious or even fatal injuries“ Sheriff Wayne Ivey wrote on the Facebook page of Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. The girls took to Facebook following the incident to thank Primmer and Brown for their actions.
A cruise ship passenger who was aboard the Carnival Magic recorded a video that shows just how close the ship came to the patrol boat and the jet skiers. A frantic «Get in, get in!» can be heard on the video.