The $5.4 Billion Panama Canal Expansion Opens

800px-Shipping-container_Kaohsiung_HarbourAfter more than $5 billion and almost a decade of construction, the long-delayed Panama expansion opened amid cheering crowds on Sunday.

At 8 a.m. on Sunday morning, the first official voyage through the newly expanded waterway was completed by a Chinese ship bearing 9,472 containers and named Cosco Shipping Panama. The mammoth set sail from the Greek port of Piraeus and two weeks later entered one of the new locks, on its way to the man-made Gatun Lake and the Pacific Ocean. Continue reading

Royal Caribbean to Expand Fleet with Three New Ships

MS_Oasis_of_the_Seas_SternRoyal Caribbean continues to expand its fleet with a new order for three additional cruise ships to be built during the next six years.

The paint is barely dried on Harmony of the Seas, the third Oasis-class ship, the largest and the fastest in the world, and only two weeks after its debut, Royal Caribbean announced its plans to build three more ships. Continue reading

Harmony of the Seas- Does the World’s Largest Cruise Ship Cause Supersized Pollution Problem?

Harmony_of_the_Seas_-_juin_20152While cruise ship companies are struggling to lure passengers by building the biggest ever ships and offering various first-of-its-kind amenities aboard, they have been loudly trumpeting how their ships’ monster engines are designed to run as cheap as possible. However, there are concerns that the bigger the ships are the more polluting and harmful they are to the living world. Continue reading

Harmony of the Seas, World’s Largest Ever Cruise Ship, Delivered

Harmony_of_the_Seas_-_juin_20152Royal Caribbean adds world’s biggest cruise ship to its fleet.

Royal Caribbean took delivery of the world’s largest cruise ship in an official ceremony Thursday at Saint Nazaire STX France shipyard.

After 32 months of construction at the shipyard involving thousands of shipyard workers, employees, sub-contractors, and suppliers, the mammoth cruise ship is now home to 2,100 crew members from 77 different nationalities. Harmony of the Seas, which will be the 25th ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet, is set to arrive in Southampton on May 17. Continue reading