Carnival’s Ocean Medallion Will Take Cruise Experience to Another Level

800px-regal_princess_2014_7_17_3817OCEAN is Carnival’s new medallion wearable device that will level up guest experience on cruises.
The name OCEAN stands for One Cruise Experience Access Network. The tiny quarter-sized medallion was introduced by Arnold Donald, CEO of the world’s largest cruise company, at a keynote speech at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday. Continue reading

Robot bartenders to serve your drinks on-board Quantum of the Seas

800px-Cocktail_02When Quantum of the Seas debuts this fall, it will be the most futuristic and technologically advanced cruise ship ever to sail, Royal Caribbean Cruises chairman and CEO Richard Fain and technology expert David Pogue revealed at a news conference last Monday at the Meyer Werft shipyard. They unveiled a number of technological advancements created to improve the passenger experience. Continue reading

$1.6 Million Security Funding Grant Allocated to Port Canaveral

800px-HHLA_Container_Terminal_Altenwerder_(CTA)_in_Hamburg_-_Winter_2010_-_03A $1, 6 million grant has been allocated to Port Canaveral by the Port Security Grant Program Funding (PSGP) and will be used for a new port-wide cyber security program, software that will integrate the existing security systems and resources into a single unified platform, and new CCTV cameras for the port’s new container terminal. Continue reading

People stuck on Universal roller coaster for 2 hours

A computer glitch stopped the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit around 7 p.m. on Wednesday. Around a dozen people, including at least one child were riding it at this moment. They were stuck in a vertical position atop the coaster for more than 2 hours.

Rescue teams from the Orlando Fire Department were called to the theme park after several people reported that the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster had malfunctioned and about a dozen people were trapped on the ride. All were rescued by about 9:45 p.m., fire officials said, and one person was taken to the hospital with neck pain. According to dispatchers there was no danger for the people on the coaster but the operation took almost three hours because the ride had to be turned in horizontal position safely. The 12 people were given towels to stay warm during the ordeal.  Other trains were also stuck after the glitch but the park’s crew was able to take them down fast as they were not vertical.


“We’re happy that our guests are safely off Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. We’ll find out what happened & will reopen the ride as soon as we can,” Universal said in a tweet.

Introduced in 2009, the Rip Ride Rocket has a max height of 167 feet and can reach speeds of 65 miles per hour. It is billed as Orlando’s tallest roller coaster.

It is not the firs incident with the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit this year. The ride was closed for two days in August after a woman was hurt when the car she was riding in stopped. The woman suffered minor injuries and the ride was closed after a safety inspection. It will again be closed; at least until a crew works to determine exactly what went wrong.

Port Canaveral Transportation selects TripTender Platform to manage Trips Bookings and Dispatching

Port Canaveral Transportation selects TripTender Platform to manage Trips Bookings and Dispatching

Cape Canaveral, FL  October 10, 2012

Port Canaveral Transportation, Cruise Passengers Ground Transportation Service Provider at Port Canaveral, has selected TripTender  Computer Reservation System( CRS) as the platform for managing and dispatching Reservations.

First announced in 2010, TripTender CRS , has been successfully deployed among many Ground Transportation Service Providers  and affiliates.

After extensive testing and analyzing variable ground transportation management systems, the IT department led by Steve Hunt, have selected TripTenders advance Transportation Booking and managing system.

“To further our goals to provide best possible experience in boot booking and transporting our clients, it is essential that we select a technology platform that provides a solid foundation, but is also flexible and scalable, and best of all, very cost-effective. We are happy to deploy TriptTender CRS Managing and Dispatching which will be beneficial not only for us but also for our clients as well. The instant confirmation and voucher technology is so advanced, it brings ground Transportation user support to the levels similar to those of the Airline Industry systems, previously not available for Ground Transportation Providers like us” said Steve Hunt, CEO of Port Canaveral Transportation.

Port Canaveral Transportation will take full advantage of TripTender CRS. The powerful technology behind the platform offers Port Canaveral Transportation’s web visitor price comparison and advanced booking, as well as instant confirmation and printable vouchers. In additions clients can view or cancel booking on the fly.

“Perhaps, next time the family takes  a cruise from Port Canaveral, I will be booking my ride with Port Canaveral Transportation through our system rather than driving to Cape Canaveral” said Kris Jagger, President of TripTender.

About Port Canaveral Transportation

Port Canaveral Transportation is Ground Transportation Service Provider for Cruise Passengers of all cruise lines at Port Canaveral, FL.   Port Canaveral Transportation is an affiliate Member of Cruise Transport Network, and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, with the highest Rating. Port Canaveral Transportation Operates diverse Fleet that includes some of the most advanced Commercial Vehicles like the Mercedes Sprinter and others.

About TripTender
TripTender is an Information Technology Company that provides software and information services for the Livery and Travel industries. By utilizing sophisticated information technology, TripTender is able to offer its clients’ individualized “private label” services and solutions that enhance the presence of their brands and improve productivity and scalability.
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Steve Hunt, CEO of Port Canaveral Transportation, +1-407-435-3212,
Kris  Jagger, President and CEO of TripTender, +1-407-832-1609,